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For ANA ARCHITECTURE, each building fulfills a function and reflects an image both inside and outside its walls. To this end, our office has always maintained a policy of project preparation that emphasizes both aesthetics and functionality.

Our perception of the aesthetic term is identified with beauty, emotion, originality and harmonious integration with the surrounding environment. The term functionality reflects the effectiveness of the linkages between building components, increased occupant productivity and the smooth running of their operations. We have developed our strengths around:

CLIENT LISTENING - We focus on close collaboration and communication with our customers.

RESPECT FOR BUDGET AND SCHEDULES - We rigorously manage all the activities of our projects.

MANAGEMENT METHODS - We use the most appropriate method for each of our projects.

COORDINATION OF PLANS AND ESTIMATES - We carefully coordinate our plans and specifications with the various stakeholders at all stages of the project to avoid additional costs at the site.

OUR BUILDING VISION - We focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

THE TEAM - Our team is qualified and experienced in various fields of practice.

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